Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wonderful Madi update

Wow I am just blown away with how incredible your response has been to the Davis' situation.
Wanted to give an update on Madi girl....
This is from Melissa's facebook status yesterday: "brought home a pale delighted Madi this afternoon, only God could have pulled THAT miracle off. Faced death, we were given life and we are a humbled and grateful family. Please keep praying for Madi over the next 6-7 weeks, she will still be critical until after her coming surgery. For tonight just thankful that we have a patio full of side walk chalk pictures made by our 4 year old this afternoon"

Keep praying as they continue to push through this critical time with Madi and that her body would continue to heal so that she will be ready for surgery. You can continue to give....we've raised a lot of money, in fact Mel said that as of yesterday what they had received was $1700! There are still bills to be paid so if you would like to continue to give it will be received with a grateful heart.
Thank you all so much for showing the Davis' your love.

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