Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Heads up...I just got an email saying that my paypal payment has not been confirmed...please please don't cancel your payments..Scott has been receiving the emails and knows that the money is being sent, but has very limited time on his computer to go through and accept it all...they will be confirmed just give it some time
YAY! Just talked to Scott....Madi update:
Her white blood cell count came way down again today which is good news. They are continuing to monitor the abscess where her appendix ruptured and if it shrinks she can possibly come home within 72 hours, but it is difficult to say. . So pray, pray, pray that she would continue to heal so that they can all be home again. I asked if Madi was aware of everything because several people have asked me that and I have been curious too...He said that she is very much aware of everything. She hates hospitals and doctors (what 4 year old does) and so every shot and poke is a fight, but that she is holding up...she's a fighter and it's good to hear she hasn't lost her spunk. If she is released she will get to go home and continue on the antibiotics and then will go in for surgery anywhere within 3 weeks-12 weeks from going home, depending on when the infection and abscess "cool off".
So specific prayer requests...continue to pray for Scott and Melissa, for strength and wisdom. Especially keep Madi in your prayers, for comfort, peace, strength and healing. And for all the family too as most of them are far away and cannot physically be there for them through this.
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Heard from Scott and Melissa very briefly and they are so beyond blessed by you all. They said they can feel your prayers...

Still waiting for an update on Madi today but will let you all know as soon as I hear, I did talk to Alison Weibert who is the Managing Coordinator/Medical Ministries Coordinator for The Shepherd's Crook Ministries and she was explaining to me that when they did a heart surgery for one of the boys in Guatemala it ended up costing $10,000. Now, Madi is not getting heart surgery thankfully, but the bills are piling up. Have you ever had a child in the hospital, or spent time in a hospital yourself? It seems the bills are never ending afterward...your paying to stay there that long, paying for every test, every x-ray, every medication...and eventually once the infection goes away...they will be paying for a surgery. That adds up to be a lot....and that is not including the travel expenses of having to go back and forth from the hospital, food costs, etc.

The site has had LOTS of visitors which is awesome...the prayers are still much needed! I'm totally not someone who likes to ask for money, but since it for someone else and I know it is a need.....just think if everyone gave $5? $10? that adds up. Sorry I don't want to annoy any of you or guilt you into anything at all, I just know their hearts and I know they would never ask for financial help and so I feel like I just need to do it for them. I know that God will provide in the way that He sees best.

Side note:
I am trying to check and see if the chip-in widget is broken or if it just takes a long time for donations to register. I have had a couple people tell me they donated through it and received the confirmation emails...if anyone knows anything about chip-in or is super tech savy could you shoot me an email :)

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